Color Guard


Color guard uses various equipment, such as flags, rifles, and sabres, along with dance, to express dynamic passages in the music accompanying the marching band show or winterguard show. Usually marching band and color guard performs during football games at halftime, out of tradition. During marching band competitions, the guard adds to the overall score of the band and is also judged in an auxilliary category. Colorguard heightened its popularity in the 1970's and 1980's when they accompanied the drum and bugle core. Presently colorguard is performed all around the world and is increasingly growing in population.

Color guard has since evolved into a separate activity known as Winter Guard, which is an indoor sport where the guard performs unaccompanied by the band, to a piece of pre-recorded music, usually during the winter and spring. El Toro High School's Winter guard competes independently in WGASC Circuit.

Winter Guard Awards
• WGASC Huntington Beach – 3rd Place
• WGASC Costa Mesa – 1st Place
• WGASC Valencia – 5th Place
• WGASC Canyon – 3rd Place
• WGASC Championships at Edison – 3rd Place